Press Release #5

PRESS RELEASE # 5 –  March 2019   

Update on Australia’s celebration of the 50th anniversary of Apollo11

As many of you reading this will recall, July 1969 is a date that will become one of the most notable dates recorded in history as that was when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. Over 20% of the entire population of the earth watched enthralled as the event was displayed on TV sets all over the world. Honeysuckle Creek station here in the ACT was instrumental in the people on Earth receiving those TV pictures. There are still some of us left who participated in that remarkable achievement and we are arranging to commemorate the 50th anniversary of it over the four day period 18 – 21 July 2019.

The upcoming anniversary is intended to acknowledge the role played by several hundred people around Australia who were directly involved in supporting the Apollo missions. In addition to the stations at Honeysuckle Creek and Tidbinbilla here in the ACT, the tracking station at Carnarvon in WA, the Parkes Radio Telescope, the PMG (now Telstra), the Overseas Telecommunications Commission (OTC) and other organisations, such as a NASA Canberra Switching Centre and Sydney TV/Video Switching Centre were all involved in one way or another.

The 50th Anniversary Program

A comprehensive programme of activities is being planned for the four days as follows –

  • Day 1 18th Jul –  Morning and part afternoon, pick up name badges, memorabilia etc. Venue to be confirmed
  • Day 1 18th Jul – 6pm onwards, Evening Reception with drinks and canapés for attendees – venue to be decided.
  • Day 2 19th Jul – 10 am – 11 am Plaque and Signs unveiling at the Canberra NASA Switching centre Deakin
  • Day 2 19th Jul – Afternoon at Questacon for movies Talks and monster moon viewing + A11 Exhibition
  • Day 2 19th Jul – Evening at National Museum of Australia for Exhibition plus A11 Media + Q & A Proposed by Andrew Tink (Author of Honeysuckle Creek book)
  • Day 3 20th Jul – Morning – Visit Honeysuckle site and unveiling several major new items there
  • Day 3 20th Jul – Afternoon – Visit Tidbinbilla for many events and photos at HSK antenna
  • Day 4 21st Jul – The Signature event, 11am to 3pm at Southern Cross Club Corrina Ballroom, Advanced booking essential at )

Associated Activities

 Numerous related activities and events have also been arranged to mark the Apollo landing. Among these are –

    • Filming is almost complete for 3 documentary ‘local ‘movies
    • Questacon has deployed their 7M Diameter moon displaying the entire lunar surface as mapped by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Satellite
    • The Royal Australian mint has issued a set of 6 coins and is understood to be releasing another ‘high value’ set
    • At least 2 of the 4 planned books have already been published
    • Banner versions of the planned ‘Commemorative artwork’ will be on show

All are welcome to attend any or all of the planned events, but numbers attending the Signature Lunch are limited to 500.

If you would like to attend the lunch you can book it, or find out more about any of the other activities, by visiting our Web site at

Best wishes,
Australian Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Committee