Memorabilia Poster

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The Apollo-11 50th Anniversary

Memorabilia Shop
Is Open For Business!
We are a group of former engineers, technicians, staff and supporting organisations who participated in
Australia’s critical role in the successful Moon landing. We have banded together to organise Canberra’s
celebrations of this great historic event. It was near Canberra that we received the video of Neil Armstrong’s
first step on the Moon and broadcast it to the world.
To help everyone celebrate, commemorate and remember Australia’s part in this, the greatest technical
achievement of the 20
th century, we have a range of products to help you to share in this heritage.
This range includes shirts, vests, wines, a commemorative patch similar to the Apollo mission patch and other
memorabilia. We will soon add commemorative labels and we are considering several other items. Also, we
can mail most products to you at a reasonable extra cost for those customers who cannot collect personally
from our volunteers in Canberra. Unfortunately, we cannot post wine.
We are a very small not-for-profit group. Consequently, we have a considerable lead time of about two
months for delivery. So, with the anniversary being only six months away, we advise you to order soon.
You can obtain our contact information and a summary of our plans on the above web site.