Transport Around Canberra

Canberra is a Car oriented city – but there are other options.

  1. Most of the major car rental companies are available at the Canberra Airport. But there are other pickup and drop-off options. See  
  2. Parking on a week day is almost non existant in central Canberra – We always take the ‘Blue Rapid’ bus service from the Woden Bus Depot.
  3. Taxis – Two companies. ACT CABS (02) 6280 0077 and Canberra Elite (02)6126 1600
  4. UBER are alive and well , as well as OLA a new ride share service. You will need the smart phone apps for those.
  5. The ACTION Bus services are good but not Door to Door of course. As noted  above it’s the best method of getting into the CBD. See
  6. We should have comefortable coaches available for days 2 and 3!