50th Possible events

Apollo-11 50th Anniversary events.

  • 4 days of celebrations
  • Thurs 18th July 2019: Orientation – pick up badges, memorabilia, sign up for stuff. Evening reception at ACT Legislative assembly hosted by Nicole Lawder MLA.
  • Fri 19th: In Canberra – activities at Deakin Telstra, Questacon, and NMA By Coach if you wish.
  • Sat 20th : Visit HSK and CDSCC by Coach or private transport.
  • Sun 21st: Lunch in Corinna Ballroom Woden Canberra Cross club. A HUGE event.
  1. Guest of Honour Astronaut Dr. Andrew Thomas AM. Australian born Astronaut – 141 days in space on Russian Mir Space station and 4 Shuttle flights
  2. Work and items at HSK site and ORR + walking trails – total budget $391K
    Special new signs to be unveiled.
  3. Questacon Space exhibition opening November 2018. Including 7M dia moon artwork.
  4. NMA (National Museum of Australia). Small displays, movies and Q & A on stage. Moon rock/s.
  5. Special coin sets from the Royal Australian Mint.
  6. Special stamp sets from Australia Post
  7. Twin cities with Fresnedillas de la Oliva Spain
  8. National Arboretum Gallery of Gardens
  9. A Commemorative Artwork to be installed in a prominent location
  10. Launch/Relaunch at least 4 books – Authors attend 21st lunch to sign for you.
  11. New Music specially written for A-11
  12. Contact with Madrid, Goldstone and Houston (from NMA or Questacon?).
  13. July 21st to be named ‘Apollo Day’ in the ACT.
  14. 24 Hrs of Moon-bounce “One small step”.
  15. Slow TV on SBS.
  16. HSK site to be upgraded to Australian Heritage site.
  17. Multiple movies festival like Melbourne.
  18. Stargazing live with Brian Cox Apollo theme. ABC TV
  19. ANU Art exhibition. “Promised the moon”. Dr Ursula Frederick
  20. “Apollo Space trackers” stage show per Charlie Duke etc.
  21. Small exhibition and/or banners at CMAG (Canberra Museum and Art Gallery)
  22. ACT Heritage Library Apollo Exhibition – 13th March to Jul 2019.
  23. ACT Heritage Library Oral History project
  24. Crux Media “Mike Dinn’s front row seat” Documentary movie.
  25. ‘Tidbinbilla – earth and sky – past-present-future’ performance art work
  26.  Discovery Canada – documentary movie
  27. ‘When we were Apollo’ movie USA
  28. Mission Control in Houston refurbish back to Apollo-11 configuration
  29. Red Gadget Films: ‘ Satellite to the stars’ documentary movie
  30. New special road sign at the bottom of Apollo Road
  31. Canberra Region Heritage Festival. ‘Space theme’ 13Apr-5May 2019
  32. National Science Week, 10-18 Aug 2019. Theme “Destination Moon”.
  33.  Showing of “The Dish” followed by Q & A in Llewellen hall on 17 May 2019
  34.  Commemorative plaques and signs at Deakin NASA comms switching centre
  35.  “Works that shaped the world” ANU with Professor Brian Schmidt
  36.  Geoscience Australia – touch a moon rock
  37. Much More!

Note: Items in Red are only possible at this time. All others are in various stages of firmness!