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Who are we?

We are a group of mainly Ex-Apollo workers – ex Engineers, Technicians and Managers who have formed a committee to organise celebrations for the 50th Anniversary of mankind’s first steps on our moon.

We have intermittently published Press Releases – if you are interested they will give you an idea about what we have been doing and our hopes for the event.

It has become obvious that thisis now a huge worldwide event, with books being written, documentary movies in progress, music being composed, special stamps and coins in production and much more. A partial list of items we know about can be found under the menus above.

Our celebrations will span four days and you can sign up with confidence from this web site. Print your tickets or add them to your smart phone.

Finally we are selling a bunch of memorabillia ranging from a special dozen of wine to a Keyring light/USB memory. Again you can order HERE and come back many time to buy more. We should emphasize that we are a Not-For-Profit group and hoping to break even!

STOP Press – Booking close on the 30th June – sign up now or miss out!

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